Visit the Walser Toyota Service Center near Minneapolis, MN


Take care of your Toyota and it will take care of you as you travel up and down the North Star State. To do that, you need to go to a professional service center whenever the need arises and have a team of experts handling your repairs when they become necessary. That's why our Toyota service center near Minneapolis, MN, is perfect for you. We'll give you the expert repairs or tune-up you seek!

We take pride in our ability to provide you with the level of care your car, truck, SUV or van deserves. Whether you've come for a simple oil change, an overnight list of maintenance procedures or a full set of glass and collision repairs, the Walser team is here for you. Our certified Toyota technicians have received plenty of training and all the tools they need to get your ride back in tip-top shape. If you would prefer to roll up your sleeves and tinker with your vehicle on your own, we're happy to provide you with some handy tips and instructions, or point you in the direction of the equipment or parts you'll need to get the job done. Visit Walser Toyota today!