Toyota Sells the 10 Millionth Camry

August 2nd, 2013 by

We know that one of our recent blog posts was about the 2013 Toyota Camry and its award for having great initial quality, but today we are back with more to say about this fantastic model. The Toyota Camry has reached a true retail landmark by selling its 10 millionth model!

The Camry was added to the lineup of new Toyota vehicles all the way back in 1983 and were marketed as small and reliable sedans. The Camry is still known for its reliability, and that is illustrated by the 773 original Camry models that are still on the road from that initial production run 30 years ago.

There are currently 6.4 million Camry models registered in the United States and this small sedan remains a favorite first car for teens everywhere.

Senior Vice President of automotive operations of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Bob Carter, commented on the new sales record, saying, “We couldn’t be more excited about Camry’s 10 millionth sale in the U.S. With the support of so many loyal customers, Camry has truly become part of the country’s fiber. For seven generations, Toyota dealers have also been instrumental in getting Americans behind the wheel of a Camry. Camry is definitely helping Toyota Go Places.”1

If you would like to be the next person to join the millions of satisfied Camry drivers by purchasing one of these great vehicles, then please stop by Walser Toyota to take a test drive today. Located at 4401 American Blvd, West Bloomington, MN our dedicated staff is always ready to sit down and answer any questions you may have. Hope to see you soon.

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