Toyota Pairs with BMW for some Serious Tech Sharing

August 16th, 2013 by

It was recently announced that our favorite Japanese automaker has forged a new partnership with BMW to presumably tag-team some new automotive technology. We say “presumably” because the announcement from Toyota HQ was a little lite on the details but we have been keeping our ears open to what industry insiders have to say about this new project, and we are expecting great things.

Right now, everybody’s best guess is that the two auto giants are going to work together to build a new sports car. BMW clearly has the expertise in the premium car category and the current lineup of new Toyota models is lacking a performance-minded sporty option. Toyota has yet to replace the Supra and perhaps they believe the market is ready for another sports car from Toyota.

Speculation also points to BMW sharing some of their advanced diesel technologies. The German automaker has been producing dieselthe cars for years now and with popularity of that fuel type growing in the United States, it could be prime time for Toyota to release their own diesel option. Others think that BMW could be looking for insight into hybrid technology which has been a cornerstone of the Toyota brand ever since the Prius was first introduced.

It could be that none of these suspicions are correct or perhaps it could be a mix of all of these, but whatever BMW and Toyota get up to, you can be sure to read about it here on our blog. If you would like more information about any of the technology currently being employed in the Toyota Product line, then please, visit us at the Walser Toyota showroom. Located at 4401 American Blvd, West Bloomington, MN 55437, we are a full service Toyota dealership providing excellent Toyota repairs to drivers in the Minneapolis area.

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