Toyota Aims to Keep Drivers’ Focus on the Road

March 27th, 2014 by

Toyota is always concerned about driver safety. That’s why they put the time and effort into creating vehicles that are held to the highest safety standards, and have many measures in place to keep us safe on the road. Of course, the best defense against any kind of accident is a driver who is safe and aware. Distracted driving can take away from your ability, and there are many ways one can become distracted. That’s where Toyota’s sponsored TeenDrive365 is here to show us, and demonstrate how we can set an example for younger generations to drive safely.

This episode shows how people can become distracted from lots of noise in the cabin, which sometimes can come from other people. They’ve put a comedian in the car with a mother-son pairing to see how they’d perform, and the video doesn’t lie.

It’s certainly something we’re mindful of at Walser Toyota, and like to remind those in Bloomington, MN to be aware at all times on the road, for a safer and more vibrant community.

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