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All-New, All-Electric Toyota bZ4X

Preorder the all-new fully electric Toyota bZ4X from Walser Toyota today.

The bZ4X is the first of a global series of battery-electric vehicles that will be introduced under the global “Toyota bZ” brand. Toyota has been and continues to be the leader in electrified vehicles. In fact, more than 24% of their U.S. sales were made up of their electrified vehicles. With popular models like the RAV4 Hybrid and the Highlander Hybrid at the top. But the bZ4X is different in that it is a fully electric plug-in vehicle, and the design and specs on it are incredible. So, let’s dive in and see why you should consider the fully electric bZ4X as your next vehicle.

bZ4X Exterior Styling and DesignAll New 2023 Toyota bZ4X All Electric SUV Capability

The all-new, all-electric SUV offers styling that is as bold and modern as the vehicle itself. This is based on its “hi-tech and emotional” theme. When you look head-on at the vehicle you will notice it has an aerodynamic design, and the curved shape of the front end gives it an appearance unique from any other vehicle on the road. The large hammerhead shark-like shape that runs from the hood to the top of the headlamps gives bZ4X a sleek silhouette. When you get to the back of the bZ4X you will notice it gives off a powerful stance, and this is in part to the combination lamps, rear hatch, and bumper’s trapezoidal theme that extends all the way to the tires.

All New 2023 Toyota bZ4X All Electric SUV InteriorbZ4X Interior Styling and Design

Edgy and futuristic styling does not stop on the outside, it extends to the interior with premium finishes resulting in a distinctive look. The engineers at Toyota took the time to make sure each detail is purposely designed to create a sense of connection and offers a driving experience that makes you feel like you’re one with the car. The unique instrument panel and precision-placed MID screen expands the vehicle’s feeling of space, while also helping to keep the driver’s sightlines up and on the road. You’’ also be happy to know that the bZ4X comes with soundproof glass and wind-noise reduction features to create a quiet refuge from the world outside. And let’s be honest, we could all use a little more quiet time.

Comfort and a great driving experience do not stop with the driver, the bZ4X offers plenty of space for passengers and a host of convenience features as well. With accessible USB ports (A and C) offering power and connection points in convenient locations, passengers can make sure their devices are charged and ready to be used. Passengers will not only be connected to their devices, but also to the outside world thanks to the panoramic roof which provides a feeling of openness and natural lighting.

bZ4X Performance and CapabilityAll New 2023 Toyota bZ4X All Electric SUV Performance

It is hard not to get caught up in the visual design of this all-new electric SUV, but where the bZ4X really sets itself apart is in its engineering and performance capabilities.

Built on the BEV-dedicated e-TNGA platform, a first for Toyota, the bZ4X achieves impressive driving performance thanks to the high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack placed flat under the floor, which gives it a low center of gravity. Impressive handling is due in part to the battery cross-framing structure, which adds to overall vehicle rigidity. The adoption of a lightweight body structure partially made of high tensile steel, as well as the enhancement of frame components around the battery pack and the forward and rear suspension also contributes to the agile responsiveness of bZ4X.

In addition, a redesigned accelerator pedal creates a smoother feel when accelerating and decelerating coupled with an intelligent throttle with slip suppression to provide impressive control on slippery roads. And, when you combine that with a new AWD system with X-MODE®, an available standout feature for bZ4X and a Toyota first, you get an exhilarating, yet comfortable, driving experience suited for everything from daily driving to light off-roading. Another impressive feature of the AWD system is Grip-Control, which leverages motor drive characteristics to achieve capable off-road performance – exceeding expectations at every turn.

The team at Toyota also focused heavily on features that would increase the efficiency of the bZ4X and maximize its energy-saving and cruising range for year-round driving. In addition to the already impressive aerodynamic design and bodyweight reduction efforts, the following changes were also made to help reduce energy consumption, especially power used for heating in cold climates which is music to the ears of drivers in the Minnesota winters:

  • Heat pump system for both heating and air-conditioning
  • Seat and steering wheel heaters
  • Front-seat radiant foot-and-leg heater (first for Toyota)

Getting The Most Out Of Your Bz4X – Battery Life

A big question that usually comes up when thinking about a fully electric vehicle is “How long will the bZ4X last?”. This is a valid question and one that Toyota has focused heavily on. That is why the bZ4X performs so well, even in cold climates like Minneapolis, MN. Toyota is targeting a battery capacity retention of 90% after 10 years of ownership!

Another question we often get is “How safe is it to drive with a fully electric vehicle?”. The answer? Very! This is again in large part to how Toyota has designed this vehicle. In terms of battery safety, Toyota added many measures to help ensure cell integrity was protected. A non-conductive coolant runs through separated flow channels to maintain optimal battery temperature. The battery pack housing is designed to withstand a collision from any angle due to its frame and cross-bracing design.

Toyota Just Got Safer with Toyota Safety SenseTM safety package (TSS 3.0)

The bZ4X will be the first to offer the latest Toyota Safety SenseTM safety package (TSS 3.0). his system has been improved by expanding the detection range of the millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera. Toyota has enhanced the performance of each function and added new functions to assist in normal driving conditions. For example, the Pre-collision system has been improved to offer Low-Light Cyclist Detection, Daytime Motorcyclist Detection and Guardrail Detection. Also, lane recognition is enhanced to add improved functionality while in Lane Tracing Assist mode.

The goal of TSS is to help prevent accidents, further reduce traffic fatalities and injuries, and ease the burden on drivers.

All New 2023 Toyota bZ4X All Electric SUV Tech FeaturesTechnology Worth Talking About

Yes, it is true that Toyota is a leader when it comes to efficiency and durability, but they are also a leader when it comes to technology. The bZ4X carries on this reputation with even more cutting-edge features that drivers are sure to love. Things like:

  • Drive Connect: Navigation that uses map information from the cloud to obtain traffic information and parking space availability in real time
  • Digital key gives owners the ability to lock, unlock and start the vehicle with a tap of a smartphone. And you can even share your “key” with your family giving them easier access to the vehicle
  • Over-the-air (OTA = wireless) software updates: Software updates to improve performance are also possible for Toyota Safety Sense and the multimedia system without needing to visit a dealership
  • Compatible with high-output chargers worldwide (capable of 80% charge within one hour)

bZ4X Specifications

Toyota bZ4X Specifications

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