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Your Used Car May be Smarter than You Think

You may be tempted to simply ignore your "Check Engine" light when it comes on, but we here at Walser Toyota are here to tell you why that's a bad idea. When any of your dashboard's alert lights come on, they do so for good reason. It's often a sign that something has gone wrong under the hood or is about to. Rather than hoping it will go away, we'd suggest bringing it into the Walser Toyota service department, located at 4401 American Blvd. West in Bloomington, MN 55437 to easily diagnose and fix the problem.

Alright, we're guessing you're likely wondering exactly how we can know what's going on under your car's hood with such ease, right?  The answer comes from the very system that allows your "Check Engine" light to come on in the first place. Nearly every car in the world today, whether new or used, is equipped with an onboard computer that monitors the activity of its inner workings. This computer detects issues that could lead to bigger problems, then sends a signal to light up a corresponding dashboard light.

That's how it alerts you. But what about once you bring it in? After 1996, every automaker decided to ban together to create codes based on certain issues. So now when a car is brought into our service department, or any other shop for that matter, the technicians can diagnose the problem simply by connecting a specialized scanner to the computer. From there, they're informed as to exactly what the problem is and how it can be fixed.

By detecting issues and addressing them early on, you can add years onto the life of your next used car in Bloomington. So make sure to stay on top of the maintenance game by adhering to the warnings that your dashboard's indicator lights display, the next time they come on.


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